FL4K Program

(First Lutheran 4-Year-Old Kindergarten)


First Lutheran 4K program is a voluntary, comprehensive child development program available to all four-year-old children whose birthday is on or before September 1. First Lutheran 4K is a play-based program designed to nurture the social, emotional and early literacy and math skills of four-year-old children. It does not take the place of kindergarten. First Lutheran 4K is implemented using a community-collaborative model that builds on existing resources within our community.
Classes run Monday through Thursday (and one Friday a month) from 8:00-11:00 am.
There is an elective chapel time from 11:00-11:10 am daily.


Call the Stoughton Area School District at 877-3400 to register. Space is limited!
Classroom Phone (608) 205-0220




My name is Lori Helker and I am the morning 4K teacher at First Lutheran Church. I received my Bachelor’s degree from UW-Superior in Interdisciplinary Studies concentrating on Early Childhood Education, Psychology, Communicating and Movement Arts.

I will strive to offer as many different types of learning opportunities so that each child will discover how they learn best whether it is visual, auditory, kinesthetic or through movement. Dance can be combined with all subjects!

My name is Tina Grams and I am the teacher’s aide for First Lutheran’s 4-K class.