We welcome all children to become First Kids! First Lutheran offers Sunday morning programming for children of all ages at 8:30 & 10:00 am. Children ages 3 through 6th graders participate in learning about the faith through videos, games, crafts, stories, singing, discussion, and other activities. Ages 3 through third grade are commonly known as the First Kids; while 4th through 6th graders are referred to as the IMPACT 456.

All children work with a memory work booklet, Faith Cross-Roads, to help grow their faith. Find out more about this memory work.

Special Sundays such as Reformation Sunday and Palm Sunday offer large group activities and celebrations to mark events in the church year. Check out FLC values on children's learning.

As school ends for the summer, we offer evening VBS (Vacation Bible School) which is open to everyone in the community. This year, VBS will be held on Sunday - Thursday, June 9–13. The theme is ROAR.

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First Kids
(all preschoolers through 3rd graders)

Currently, the study is Living Inside Out and deals with our relationship with God and others following our Lord, Jesus. Preschoolers through 3rd graders will gather in the Openings Room for singing followed with age appropriate groupings to learn about Jesus’ life.

Each week our First Kids will hear a story in a variety of forms (video, dramatization, or storybook reading), do related activities to enhance the message, sing, and discuss the lesson for the week.  Follow-up activities for families are e-mailed home during the week.

First Kids (all preschoolers through 4th graders) sing at worship services on the third Sunday of each month.


The class will be using the book, God’s Great Covenant,  which will help get them ready for Confirmation. This year they will be learning about the Old Testament stories. They will see how the Old Testament is an unfolding story of the promises and power of God presented in simple weekly stories that can easily be done at home if a student has to miss class. IMPACT 456 is designed to help busy families fulfill their baptismal promises and keep faith as a part of all they do.


Adults of all ages are welcome to volunteer and contribute to the Christian growth of our youth! If you would like to volunteer, contact Erlene by clicking the button below.