Legacy Gifts

First Lutheran Church offers members and friends of the congregation an opportunity to make Legacy Gifts. Legacy gifts are unique donations that people often make to the “glory of God” or to honor or remember a loved one. All legacy gifts exceeding $1000 are recognized via a Legacy Recognition Display in the lower atrium of the church.

Three different options are available for people to make Legacy Gifts. Donors are encouraged to talk with one of the pastors if they are considering making gifts to any of these Legacy Funds.

Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund usually receives gifts given in memory of loved ones. Such gifts are usually less than $1000 and can undesignated or designated.


Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund receives gifts from which only the earnings can be allocated for outreach or FLC needs.  Endowment Fund gifts can be undesignated, designated or given in the form of a Donor Advised Fund.


First Lutheran Fund

The First Lutheran Fund receives gifts that can be undesignated or designated. Some or all of the money from a First Lutheran Fund can be spent.