"What do I like about First Lutheran?...Well first of all the worship service. I really enjoy the sermons and the music. The music here is tremendous - great choir, great bell choir, great bluegrass music. I love the music as part of the worship service. Also, the congregation has been so welcoming. We really feel like we are part of the family. Finally, we participated in the small groups, that has meant that we explored our faith more and gotten to know and get really close to some of the members of the church. It has just been a wonderful experience to be part of First Lutheran and to really develop our faith."

- Paige K.



"What I love best about our church are the people. There are so many people that volunteer here so many hours and give so much to so many people and I was very fortunate to receive a quilt from the Quilters when I was under going chemotherapy . It made me feel very cared for and loved. So thank you to all those volunteers that make many people very happy and very close to God."

- Jodi G.




"At FLC we get so many opportunities to do more around here. It helps us grow in Faith. There are so many opportunities to do good things in your community and learn more about faith."

- Matthew L.




"We were welcomed immediately and we just became part of the
congregation really fast. It's the peace that passes all understanding
that we find every Sunday morning."
- Karin C.

" The church has been a family and a community. We have been blessed to be involved in worship in a number of different ways. Our Kids go to Sunday School...
and I love to play the guitar in the Celebration service with the Celebration group. It's a lot of fun!...
And our kids love to come down for fellowship for cookies!"

- Lee Ann and Rocky K.





"I love looking around the church and seeing all my great-grandparent's descendants in the congregation. If they were alive, they would be so happy to see them all in the church they joined in 1868 from Norway."

- Laura S.



"First Lutheran is a great church. It's really a great community. Everyone is friends with each other. You get some great banner friends, great people, and
I definitely recommend it."

- Parker S.