Memorial Fund

Through the years, the Memorial Fund has been a valuable source of funding for a variety of needs including refurbishing and remodeling, audio/visual supplies, books and other church literature, music and musical instruments, missions, furnishings and equipment, educational resources, and assistance for many of the programs of the church. Contributions are generally made in memory of a departed loved one, but a gift is also a fitting remembrance of other occasions such as a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, or to honor a special person in your life.  Designations need to be made at the time of the donation.

A Brief History

The Memorial Fund was established in the early 1970’s and continues as a fund separate from current operating funds. It is administered by the Memorial Committee appointed by the Church Council. Gifts are used according to the intent of the donor and the fund is subject to regular audit. A record of each gift is kept permanently on file at church.

Your Part

When contributing to The Memorial Fund, donors need to:


    • designate the gift immediately for a specific purpose, or
    • allow the Memorial Committee to use the gift to help meet the needs and projects of First Lutheran Church at the committe’s discretion

A list of options follows. Your contribution to the Memorial Fund is welcome! It will be put to good use in the ongoing work of the church.


    • 2nd Grade Bibles
    • Adult Education and Training
    • Altar Guild
    • Audio Visual
    • Banners for Sanctuary
    • Carrilonic Bells
    • Choirs and Music
    • Computers
    • Dane County Jail Chaplaincy
    • Evangelism
    • First aid Equipment and Supplies
    • FLC Facilities
    • Handicapped and Elderly
    • Library
    • Local Disaster Relief
    • Lutherdale Bible Camp
    • Martin Luther Christian School
    • Office
    • Organ
    • Outdoor Sign
    • Piano
    • Shut-in, Hospitalized, Grieving, Care Notes
    • Sunday School
    • Trees, Shrubs, Landscaping
    • World Hunger
    • Worship
    • Youth

If you would like to make a legacy gift to the Memorial Fund, please take a look at the Memorial Fund brochure and consider talking with one of the pastors. They would be pleased to assist you.

Please contact the First Lutheran Church office or a member of the Memorial Committee for further information and assistance.