Global Ministries

Dr. Mark and Linda Jacobson are FLC’s global medical missionaries. Mark is the Executive Director of the Lutheran Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania. He and his wife have served in Tanzania for over 30 years. Their stateside church home is Trinity Lutheran Church in Stillwater, Minnesota.

FLC has had a long history of sponsoring missionaries. The Jacobson’s became our church’s global partners in June of 2011 when FLC help to provide the funds that were used to build a post operative recovery house known as the Plaster House.

paster house.jpg

The Plaster House was needed because patients who experienced successful surgeries and then returned to their homes in the bush often had to return to the hospital for additional surgeries due to infections and unsanitary conditions. Now, patients can return to their homes fully healed, reducing risks that might otherwise cause them to return for more surgeries.

Since then, FLC has continued to support the Plaster House but has extended it's support to the Neonatal Unit, an ambulance, an ECG machine and the nursing education program.



In 2015, FLC learned that an ambulance was needed in Tanzania for the Arusha Lutheran Medical Center. The congregation went to work and Operation Ambulance
was put in action and provided enough funds to purchase the vehicle to be converted into the ambulance above.


Neonatal Intensive Care unit

Newborn Intensive Care is provided for new-born children who need respiratory or other assistance immediately after birth and through the first month of life. The NICU provides a full range of technological support including overhead warmers, incubators, and phototherapy lights for treating jaundice, Bubble CPAP - for respiratory care, umbilical catheters, and cardiorespiratory monitors. 

Check out the Arusha Lutheran Medical Center website.